PCT Day 91

Meadow Lake Rd to Hwy 49 (Sierra City) – 23 miles (37km) – 1195 miles total

Today was lovely. It was a 98% snow free day, just a couple of patches in the morning, then mostly dirt trail for the rest of the day, which allowed for cruising. It was also mostly downhill all day, with a few small climbs. We descended from nearly 8000ft to 4000ft during the day. It is the lowest elevation we have been on trail since before the Sierra.

Wild flowers are the best

We crushed out the miles in the morning, doing 15 by lunch. Which only left us with 8 miles to do into town. However, energy and enthusiasm always goes down after lunch. With 2.5 miles to go into town, I sat down on the bridge or more accurately sprawled on the bridge, not wanting to walk any further. B and I took our sweet time doing those remaining miles and met D in town. Thankfully we got a hitch straight away.

The best hitch – in the back of a pick up

We went to dinner once in town and we are now camped in town. I am cowboy camped on a metal lawn chair as the ground at the free town camping is so hard, the stake for my free standing tent wouldn’t have gone into the ground to hold it up.

Today I am thankful for dirt trail and town.

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