PCT Day 88

Fontanallis Lake to North Fork Blackwood Creek – 19 miles (30km) – 1127 miles total

We had a sleep in today, as we got into camp late last night. D came walking up having camped a mile back and the carried on. I left shortly after.

It was a nice day. Mostly snow free trail and a fair bit of down. Again walking past several lakes. By 1pm D and I had gone 14 miles and stopped for lunch. B never caught up, so we continued to walk up the climb. It was actually nice. A gentle grade over 4 miles. Then the steep down started on the north face, which was covered with snow, but it actually wasn’t too sketchy and I was back on trail shortly.

So many great flowers in this stretch

Look, no snow!

After that I made it to camp just before 5pm. I set up camp and waited for B. D hiked on to camp at the top of the next climb on the ridge line.

B turned up and we had a lovely early dinner and bed time.

Today I am thankful for easy climbs.

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