PCT Day 86 & 87

Day 86 was a day off in South Lake Tahoe. It was filled with the usual chores, but was also kind of relaxing as I tried to get a lot of stuff done the night before. So the morning was spent relaxing, but the afternoon was busy as I had to go to the post office once it opened and the outfitters. Everything in South Lake Tahoe is spread out so I ended up getting a Lime Scooter to get around.

Day 87

Hwy 50 to Fontanillis Lake – 17 miles (27km) – 1108 miles total.

A wonderful trail angel gave us a lift back to the trail head in the morning, after we had had breakfast at Heidi’s a Bavarian restaurant.

The trail took us past many lakes today. Echo lake, then Aloha lake, a few I forget the name of and Dicks Lake. The first 5 miles of the trail to Aloha lake were very busy with day hikers and people doing the Tahoe rim trail which the PCT overlaps with for 50 miles.

Echo Lake

After lake Aloha the crowd thinned and we were left to slough up a mountain in the afternoon. We made it to the top of Dicks Pass around 5.30pm and decided to go 2 more miles to dicks lake. Of course it was slushy snow all the way down, so it was slow. At one point even though there were no glissading tracks I created my own, because I assumed I’d fall on my butt anyway so why not save time and slide down on it.

Lake Aloha

D was ahead and we assumed we’d see him camped near Dicks lake, but didn’t see him. B and I walked a bit further and when we couldn’t find D called it good and tried to find a snow free patch of ground to camp on.

Today in am thankful for pretty lakes.

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