PCT Day 85

Carson Pass to Hwy 50 (south Lake Tahoe) -17 miles (27km) – 1091 miles total

It is town day, so we were motivated to try and get in at a descent hour. So, we left at 6am. The walk up to the pass was great, with lots of wild flowers along the way. The trail then continued to meander along a meadow which was great but wet.

The trail then climbed and we hit snow patches for miles which were annoying as we tried to find trail. Once the snow finally stopped, it was a steep trek down for over a mile. I bush bashed in several areas because the trail went across dodgy snow traverses.

The PCT overlaps with the Tahoe Rim Trail for 50 miles

D and I made it down to the car park at the road and waited for B. But she never showed. She had missed us and walked to the next road crossing. So D and I walked another mile to meet her. It wasn’t too long and we got a hitch into town. We discovered it was celebrity weekend. Justin Timberlake among others were in town for a golf tournament.

Today I am thankful for easy hitches.

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