PCT Day 84

Eagle Creek to bottom of Carson Pass -20 miles (32km) – 1073 miles total.

Today was another great day. A lot of trail and only patches of snow with a good bit of down hill.

The sketchiest thing today was a snow traverse a few hours in the morning. I avoided half of it by going down and back up via rocks but the I had to do the short snow traverse. I started doing it with just my poles, but then backed back down and got my ice axe out.

Approaching the traverse Looking back on the traverse

The trail then continued to meander up and down all day. In the last few days we have crossed several roads which feels crazy. We went so long through the Sierra not passing any signs of civilisation and having to take side trails into town, now we are crossing roads again.

There were some people out doing a day hike. They were in awe that we were walking from Mexico to Canada. Also, my favourite yet. I was asked if I was Irish. Apparently, my accent it kind of hard to pick. About half of the time people think English, then there are the crazy ones like Irish or Jersey 😂. I’ll have to work harder at my bogan accent.

The terrain was so good we got 20 miles done today and set ourselves up to get into town tomorrow.

Today I am thankful for lovely trail to walk on.

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