PCT Day 82

Senora Pass to Paradise Valley Junction – 17 miles (27km) – 1033 miles total.

We slept in and then had breakfast at the resort. Which if you are thinking palm trees and a pool, don’t. It is more like a western. Everything made out of wood, deer and bear heads on the walls, pack horse and people wearing jeans, cowboy boots and spurs everywhere. I got the pancakes for breakfast. If I knew how big they were I would have got the short stack instead of the full, but I still managed to eat them all, just.

We got the shuttle back to the trail head. The first 2 miles up were fine, just patches of snow. Then the descent began and so did the snow and rocks. It just takes time to walk that terrain. By lunch we had only done 6 miles. Wanting to do around 10 more we all put in head phones to listen to podcasts or music and set out to pound out the miles. Thankfully the trail remained snow free for a while and it was really only the last two miles when snow started again.

We reached our designated campsite, but it was covered in snow. So trudged on a bit more to find a patch of ground level enough to camp on.

Today I am thankful for pancakes.

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