PCT Day 79

Seavey Pass to mile 990 camp – 15 miles (24km) – 990 miles total

The morning started out with some sketchiness. We knew coming down from Seavey Pass was a little sketchy, but we had hoped that over night the snow would firm up and make it less sketchy. The snow didn’t go as hard as we would have liked overnight. So once we made it down the steep incline. The track then traversed along the river, which was all snow covered. ie. sloping snow of death, if you slipped, you slipped straight into the river.

This doesn’t look that bad in the photo, but it was steeper and slippery than it looks

The worst was near the beginning of the traverse. The snow was a knifes edge. I watch D start to go chipping away each step and decided that it didn’t look like fun. So instead I rock scrambled down to the river walked in the river then rock scrambled back up. This was a good option as near the edge, you could get under the snow overhang and there were rocks to step on in the river, which meant I didn’t go in over my knees and it wasn’t fast flowing. B decided to not do the snow or river and scrambled up to dry ground to traverse. She said this was a bad option as the snow scramble up and down were super sketchy. But after half a mile we made it across the worst of it and then enjoyed meandering down the trail.

Waterfall across the trail

At the bottom was a river crossing thankfully fond on a log. Then we had two climbs up and down ahead of us. The first was short and steep. The second was longer and slightly more flat. On the way there was a waterfall cascading over the trail to cross and at the bottom of the second climb our worst river crossing yet. It was wide and semi deep with no rapids but it was still flowing fast. It came up to my waist at the deepest and at was so forceful that it was hard to lift my pole and step. Thankfully, we all made it across. However, I decided to unpack my bag on the rock and make sure it was all dry. I put down my sleeping bag and it rolled into the river. Thankfully it was in a dry sack and the flow took it down steam near the edge where I was able to wade it and get it. So many adventures for one day.

Today I am thankful for safe river crossings.

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