PCT Day 77

Tuolumne Meadows to Matterhorn Creek – 20 miles (32km) – 962 miles total

We got a lift out of the valley from K friend back to Tuolumne. Where D was with my new bag and tent. I’m sure it is placebo, but for at least an hour I was convinced that it made my gear significantly lighter. D, K and R were still having fun with friends in Yosemite so will start the trail tomorrow and catch up with us at a later date.

The trail for most of the day was great. Hardly any snow. With the ability to walk normally and stride out. The river crossings were also fine. Which is great considering we had been told this section has the worst river crossings.

Look at the lack of snow

The worst part of the day was near the end coming down a steep north face mountain with slippery snow. I almost called it good and thought I would camp at the top and meet the others in the morning once the snow became hard. However the steep part didn’t last long and I made it down to camp. 20 miles is the biggest day in a while, which shows that we are almost returning to normal terrain.

At camp S had started a fire for us to attempt to dry our stuff around.


Today I am thankful for snow free trail for a good portion of the day.

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