PCT Day 75

Davis Lake to Tuolumne Meadows – 17 miles (27km) – 942 miles total

It was an early start to the day, but not as early as they have been. I attempted to start hiking by 5am but it was a bit after. It was slightly faster going on hard snow but still slow.

The sketchiest part of the morning was a river crossing that had a log over it. However, overnight ice had formed on it making it super slippery.

Once out of the forest the hike up to Donahue Pass was relatively simple with well worn tracks to follow. The descent on the other side was pretty steep, but thankfully the snow was still hard giving my micro spikes grip. Once down the steep part. The snow soon started to disappear and then it was flat snow free trail. It was like a Christmas miracle. Oh, how I love and have missed snow free, level trail.

Donahue Pass and yes, I am rockin’ hot pink compression socks 🧦 what ever helps the shin splints 🙂

I soon realised that I would make it out to Tuolumne that day. So decided to try to hitch into the valley that day and see if I could meet the others.

Look down to the valley, snow free trail 🎉

I thought a hitch would be hard, as Yosemite is a very touristy area and tourists think you are axe murderers. It’s usually locals who know hikers just need to get into town or other outdoors people who pick you up. So after 15 minutes of cars going past, I didn’t have high hopes but then a Jeep stopped. He was a climber who had been in Mammoth for the week climbing on his way home. He took me to the junction. Then a couple from Kentucky took me the rest of the way. Back to civilisation, or at least a shop and pit toilet.

Today I am thankful for easy hitches.

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