PCT Day 74

Mammoth Lakes to Davis Creek – 10 PCT Miles, 15 total (24km) – 925 miles total.

I had a lovely start to the day. Breakfast at the motel, then I walked down to the post office to collect a box I had sent to myself and post some other things. I then caught the bus out to the adventure park which has bike tracks and a ski resort. Doing this meant that I had a 5 mile road walk on s road that is not yet open for the season to get back to the PCT and cut off hiking the horseshoe lake track back. The result of this was no snowy track to get back, but a clear road and it brought me out a few miles further up the PCT.

Mammoth ski resort
Ski fields still open in July

I got back on the PCT at Agnew meadows and the track was lovely and snow free for 5 miles. Then the snow started in patches, then it turned into solid snow for the last few miles. I was pretty slow going today, because of my shin splints and the snow. However, I am set up pretty much at the bottom of Donahue Pass and will get up early to hopefully tackle that while the snow is still hard in the morning.

As I lay in my tent writing this I heard a noise outside my tent. Bear or deer. Not wanting to take my chances I yelled obscenities at it. Then unzipped my tent to see if I could still see what it was as it scuttled away. It was a porcupine. Now I’m sad I yelled at it. It would have been cool to get a photo of a porcupine.

Today I am thankful for porcupines.

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