PCT Day 69

Sallie Keyes Lake to Mono Creek Campsite – 17 miles (27km) – 881 miles total

It was lovely to wake up late again and by late I mean 5am. Such a luxury after 2am starts. I packed up camp to ice on everything and set off to meet the others at the top of Seldon Pass. It was actually an easier climb up then I expected and I made it before 7am and arrive to all the slackers still in their tents.

View from the pass where the others had camped

It was then an easy trek down the pass to our first questionable river crossing of the day at Bear Creek. We walked a little way down stream to cross on a log. It was actually fine. It was then more of a hike down and then back up. At the top of the climb we had lunch and cell service.

It was then a long descent down on switch backs. The track was rocky, snowy and steep. Part way down my shin or my tendon at the front of my leg started screaming at me. I tried loosening my shoe several times but it continued to scream. I couldn’t work out what was different about this downhill. I hope that the rest tonight makes it better.

Once at the bottom, a little way back up the next climb to silver Pass. There was another questionable river. Thankfully this also had a huge log over it.

It was then another 2 miles to camp which I trudged up. Hoping to get there and rest my leg with the hope the rest will make it better.

Today I am thankful for easy climbs up to passes and winter wonderland views.

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