PCT Day 68

Evolution Creek Alternative to Sallie Keyes Lake – 15 miles (24 km) – 864 miles total

I unknowingly slept in a puddle last night and it was a very cold night. It appears that when the ground was damp at 6pm despite being in the sun all day, this means water comes up from underneath over night. Lesson learnt. Consequently, I woke up with a very wet tent and underside of my mattress. The plan was to get going at 6am and do the river crossings while snowmelt was still low from having frozen overnight. But when I heard murmuring, I stuck my head out of my tent and put my vote in to stay another hour until the sun peaked over the mountains. Everything had ice on it. The sun took longer than expected to come, so it was just before 8am that we started moving, having attempted our best to dry all our stuff.

The river crossing was fine. We took the alternative, which was through the meadow, making the river wide, but not fast flowing or too deep.

Snow free trail along the river

There was then 8 miles of down hill on snow free trail which was luxurious, before lunch. After lunch the trail, then went up to Seldon Pass. The plan was to camp at the top of the pass, but as 5.30pm rolled around I knew it would be another hour in slushy snow up to the top, so I chose to stay at a beautiful campsite overlooking Sallie Keyes Lake and smash out the final uphill in the morning on hard snow to meet the others. However, I am very aware tonight is going to be another cold one with condensation from the lake.

Camp spots don’t get much better than this.

Today I am thankful for so much snow free trail.

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