PCT Day 67

Bishop Pass Ranger Station to Evolution Creek – 19 miles (30km) – 849 miles total

It was another long day and I am absolutely trashed. I’ve discovered that I have a tolerance for walking in the snow for about 5-6 miles. Then I want to get back onto firm ground. However, we walked in snow today for at least 20 miles possibly more.

It was another 2am start to get up and over the pass while the snow was still solid. However the start of the track was all switch backs and in the darks it is hard to navigate, so we lost a bit of time here. The pass was also nearly 8 miles from where we camped, so every time I got to a ridge, I thought it was the top, but there were about 5 false summits. It was not a difficult pass, I didn’t even need my ice axe, but it did go on forever.

Hit on top of Muir pass

Finally, I made it to the top, where there is a shelter and we hung out there for s bit before starting the slough down. More snow, I was over it and tired, so glad to have a lunch break, then another break a little while later before starting the final 5 miles to the campsite. Finally on snow free trail.

We got into camp around 4.30pm. When you start of 2am, that makes for a long exhausting day.

Today I am thankful for snow free trail.

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