PCT Day 64-65

Bishop Pass and Bishop

It was another early start today, although an hours sleep in leaving at 3am, which is luxury! The hope was to get over the pass and into town by early morning/lunch.

It should have been an easy side trail up and over the pass as it was a mellow gradient. However, that is not what happened.

About a mile or so into the climb, we hit a major river. But the ranger had told us that the trail crosses back over in a mile, so to just stay on the left side and bush whack up. This is probably easier in the day light when you can see the path of least resistance, but in the dark it was ridiculous. Forcing your way through bushes and up rocks in the dark is crazy. It took us over an hour to do the mile back to trail and my legs look like they are out of a horror movie. The others hated this but I didn’t mind it. I hate the sun cups for days.

Once through the bush bash. It was more switch backs, then the snow fields started and continued until one mile before the trailhead. I’ve discovered I have about a 5 mile tolerance on snow then I become really slow just wanting to step on level ground again.

It didn’t take us too long at the trail head to get a hitch into Bishop. Where we went straight to the Brewery for burgers. I then checked out some of the gear shops to try and work out what to do for my gear that is falling apart and broken. Then it was shower, so amazing to shower after 9 days.

For dinner we went to a Texas BBQ restaurant. You could smell the meat as you walked in the door. I got a baked potato that I could only eat half of, it was that big!

Day 65 was spent doing errands, which took until mid afternoon. I got this blog up to date, did laundry. Then went to the outfitters to get new shoes. I am going to try hiking boots with a thicker sole and see if that helps my ability to walk on sun cupped snow. Then I went to the post office to post forward my old shoes and a few other things. By this time it was lunchtime and I ran into Ka and R and went to the bakery with them for a sandwich.

I then went to Vons to resupply. I tried hard not to get too much stuff, but it still feels heavy and like there is too much.

How can this much food fit in a bear canister?

By the time I had organised my food out of packages and into ziplock bags it was mid afternoon. Time to head back to the brewery and then into the bowling alley which has a restaurant attached for dinner. The great thing about the night is that they did Pina Colada’s, which I had wanted for a very long time, but no one did cocktails.

Today I am thankful for town.

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