PCT Day 54

Cow Creek to Mile 739 – 20 miles (32km) – 739 miles total

It was a climb first thing in the morning. I need to get use to this as the entire Sierra is just climbing up over one high pass to drop down, then back up again. Half way up the pass, the snow started and the microspikes came out, but it wasn’t anything bad and was fairly easy going, just slower in the snow. There were many fake summits on the climb up, just when I thought we had made it to the top, the climb kept going. But finally the climb ended and the descent to Gomez Meadow and Death Canyon began. I really want to know who though that was a good name!

That is coming in the next week!
Gomez Meadow

After lunch at Death Canyon, the climb started again. Up and up, with few water sources! Because I decreased my water carrying capacity to save weight. I collected snow in my pot to melt for dinner. The hike up was mostly snow free, just slow with the weight of the bear canister.

Today I am thankful for fun, easy snow hiking.

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