PCT Day 53

Kennedy Meadows to Cow Creek – 17 miles (27km) – 719 miles total

The plan was to start the day with Breakfast at the General Store which opened at 8am and then start hiking. The best laid plans… in reality we didn’t start hiking until 10am as the General Store was late in opening.

Heading into the Sierra

It was a lovely day. It is very novel to be out of the desert and have water every couple of miles. The two major water crossings had bridges over them. Score, no crazy water crossings yet. The tough part of the day was that we were climbing for most of the day. Which is so not fun with a very heavy pack. I am already over the bear canister. I think I’m going to name my backpack, Fezick after Andre the Giant in the Princess Bride.

I plodded so slowly up the climb. The highlight of the day was the wide open meadows and seeing a deer 🦌.

Having a bear canister has thrown out my routine. I am so use to doing everything in my tent in the morning and emerging out into the cold at the last moment. But when food has to be in the canister out of the tent, it means I have to emerge to get my food. Tough life!

Today, I am thankful for deer.

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