PCT Day 51

Las Vegas and Hoover Dam

Near the start of my time on the PCT I listened to a podcast on the Hoover Dam and like the nerd I am, I found it fascinating. It sounded like an engineering feat for its time. When I discovered it was just outside of Vegas it quickly became something I wanted to go see. So that was the plan for the day.

I slept in to 8.30am. Amazing what you can do when you’ve stayed up past midnight and have blackout blinds. I then spent the morning doing all my chores. Stitching up my pants that are getting very thin on the backside! Sorting out my gear and getting rid of every little thing I don’t need to make up for the added weight of the bear can, ice axe and warmer gear and sorting out my food. Thankfully, the hotel had a midday check out.

I then went to a Wedding Chapel, where you can get married by Elvis πŸ•ΊπŸ». I think I once saw this happen in a movie, so I always associate it with Vegas, so when in Vegas you’ve got to do these things. That is, see it, not actually get married πŸ˜‰.

On the way out of Vegas I stopped at the Post Office and sent at least 500g (one pond) of stuff ahead. Not enough to off set all the other gear, but it is better than nothing. Then it was on to Hoover Dam.

I took the full tour where you get taken inside the Dam wall and into the hydroelectric power plant. I find it so fascinating how they divert the water to build the dam, then use those tunnels for the hydroelectricity. It is all amazing for its time.

Standing on top of Hover Dam

Hoover Dam

Power turbines
Photo taken from inside Hoover Dam

On the way back to Vegas I stopped at REI, Shake Shake and the Vegas sign. All the iconic American things. I then started the drive towards Death Valley to a campground to spend the night. I’ll finish the drive to Death Valley in the morning and spend the day exploring the National Park.

Today I am thankful for the chance to see amazing engineering feats.

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