PCT Days 48-49

Kennedy Meadows

I spent a couple of days in Kennedy Meadows getting ready for the Sierra, which translates into spending a lot of money. There was the obligatory ice axe and bear canister that everyone has to get while travelling through the Sierra. Then I also got some warmer gear in an attempt not to freeze. I’m pretty sure I still will, but hopefully it will now just be cold, not freezing cold for me.

I also enjoyed catching up with friends and organising the coming days, in which I will be heading to Vegas and Death Valley, which I am pretty excited about.

I also spent a lot of time at both the general store and Grumpy Bears eating food. My hope is to get fat in the couple of days I have as added insulation for the Sierra. Genius!

That’s the face of a poor puppy who just wants a bit of my burger

One of the nights was spent watching Con Air projected onto some guys trailer. I find Nicholas Cage entertaining. I also forgot that the movie ends with them crash landing on the strip in Vegas, which has added to my excitement about going.

Today I am thankful for the outfitter trailers at KM that make it easy to get gear for the Sierra.

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