PCT Day 43

McIver Spring to Walker Pass – 8 miles (12km) – 552 miles total

I had a lovely morning. It was only 8 miles to Walker Pass where I planned to get off trail to head into Ridgecrest to resupply and the bus into town didn’t leave until 1.20pm. So I enjoyed a lazy morning. I woke up at 6am and watch an episode of Parks and Rec on my phone knowing it would get recharged today. I took my time having breakfast and packing up. The campsite I was at had a long drop (luxury – no digging a hole for me!) as I was walking to the toilet I said out loud ‘hello toilet’ (that’s how excited you get out here about the luxury of a long drop). I thought I was alone, as most people left early to get in and out of town on the same day. However, I planned to stay overnight. As I spoke I realised a friend was still there having come into camp late last night and totally heard me talking to the toilet! 🤦🏼‍♀️

The good news was that her uncle was picking her up at Walker Pass and I just scored myself a lift into town.

I enjoyed the slower start to the day and made it to Walker Pass Campground by 11am, where I sat chatting to others before heading into town.

I am now currently in town fed and showered with clean clothes. Now I’m trying to get things done like ordering new shoes, updating the blog and other random chores.

Today I am thankful for relaxing mornings.

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