PCT Day 42

MIle 623 to McIver’s Spring – 20 Miles (32 km) – 643 miles total

I woke up to a lovely pink sky and a tent that was wet from condensation. Thankfully because I was not in a valley, so it didn’t take long for the sun to hit my tent and I got it mostly dried off by the time I was ready to leave.

What a lovely view to wake up to

It was 7 miles to a water cache and then a 13 miles dry stretch, the first part of which was a climb up 1600ft, which as the temperature got warmer was a tough climb. However, once at the top it was lovely alpine pine and rock scenery. You can tell we are getting closer to the sierra. In fact today was the first time that the snow capped mountains of the sierra came into view in the distance.

First view of the sierras

The trail meandered up and down for the rest of the afternoon before I finally made it to McIver Spring and campsite.

Today I am thankful for majestic views.

3 thoughts on “PCT Day 42

  1. Have you decided what you are going to do once you get to Kennedy Meadows? Things should be melting off a lot quicker now but you are still likely to hit snow, especially on the high passes. Up here in Shasta we have started getting a lot of hikers skipping up north. From Lassen to Oregon 140 is the longest stretch without snow at this point, though there are still a few areas that are covered.


    1. Yes, I know a lot of hikers around me who are flipping to Ashland or waiting a few weeks and then starting a southbound hike from Canada back down. I’m going to try going into the Sierra and reassess each leg.


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