PCT Day 41

Robin Bird Spring to Mile 62321 Miles (33km) – 623 Miles total

I hiked 1000km today which in approximately another 50km is a forth of the PCT. It doesn’t feel like I’ve done a quarter but at least on paper it sounds impressive.

Today was a lovely day. I woke up and it wasn’t bitterly cold. I was able to pack up my stuff and have breakfast without still trying to hunker down in my sleeping bag before a last minute dash to get out and pack it up too. I also started walking in shorts and a shirt.

The morning was lovely and completely unexpected. Through pine forest and along a flowing creek before entering into a beautiful rocky desert land scape.

Look at the sunshine and beautiful forest

This is a 35 mile dry stretch with no water sources. However, thankfully at a few road crossings some trail angels have left gallons of water. I made it to the water cache after 13 miles and stocked up on water as the next water cache is not until mile 630 another 15 miles, which means I would be dry camping and needed to take enough water for dinner and breakfast as well.

The desert land scape continued during the afternoon with menacing clouds in the distance. As I started the climb up from the road thunder clapped in the distance. I passed a couple of hikers and they asked if I saw the rattlesnake just before. I hadn’t. They said it was annoyed and all coiled up ready to strike. I then passed another hiker who said the same thing. I was either completely oblivious or It had moved in the 2-3 minutes it had taken me to get that spot.

Back to desert landscape
Storms a commin’

Rain then started to come down in an afternoon thunderstorm, but thankfully it only lasted 15 minutes then the sun came out.

I pushed on another mile or so to find a campsite in a section which has very few sites and with so many of us out here, when sites are few and far between it is hard to find empty ones. This was the case today. I didn’t want to hike any further, so I walked around until I found a sandy spot under a Joshua Tree with hopefully no spiky things underneath. It is only a slope but I’ll cope for a night.

Today I am thankful for beautiful pine forests to hike through.

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