PCT Day 40

Golden Oak Spring to Robin Bird Spring – 18 Miles (29 km) – 602 Miles total

I woke up this morning to a gorgeous sunrise. However, it was soon replaced by low lying cloud and was chilly as I hiked out.

It was a relatively nondescript day. The trail mostly gained in elevation with a few short downward spots. Today was also 18 miles with no water sources, which meant carrying water for 18 miles, which was mostly ok being cooler but up gain in elevation evened that out.

White scotch thistles

By 11.30ish the sun had come out although it was still not warm or as warm as I would like it. Part of that is that this section is mostly at or around 6000ft which adds to the coolness of the temperatures.

By late afternoon I passed the 600 mile marker which was the most exciting thing that happened today. I then made it to the water source and despite only being 4pm I called it a day. The plan is to make it to Walker pass by Friday and I only need to do 17 mile days to achieve that and I like camping by water sources.

Today I am thankful for gloves to keep my hands warm on chilly mornings.

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