PCT Day 37-38

Tehachapi- Willow Springs Rd to Hwy 58 – 8 miles (12km) – 566 miles total

Day 37 was a day off in Tehachapi. The motel that I am staying in that looks like it a meth lab could run out of it was fine. I slept in, enjoyed some morning TV and then started the 3 mile walk into town to go to the Post Office and supermarket. On the way into town a trail angel pulled over and offered me a lift. She was going to the post office and supermarket, so I scored.

I then sat in the laundromat while I did my laundry, then resupplied. Again I have too much food. I always seem to over estimate here. Then I lucked out again. The trail angel was coming back to the supermarket to pick up other hikers and the meth lab motel was on the way to her house, so I got a lift back.

All of this took until 2pm but by 3pm I was back in the meth lab watching tv and not moving, which and old injury in my ankle needed.

Day 38 was a slow start again. The weather forecast for today was rain, more rain and snow above 5500 ft. So I made the decision to stay in town another day. However, there was the possibility of doing 8 miles between the two roads that lead into Tehachapi and then returning to a hot shower, so this is what I chose to do.

This time I walked the entire 3 miles into town, where I got a chai and then went to church. After that I called a trail angel for a lift to the trail head and started hiking just as the rain started coming down. With my umbrella my top half stays reasonably dry, but by the end of the 8 miles, my pants were saturated. I was so glad that I made the decision to stay in town another day, as it would have been miserable to be wet and camp. At the end of the 8 miles another trail angel came and picked me up and took me back to the meth lab, where I had a warm shower and got dry before heading back out for pizza dinner with other hikers.

Hiking in the rain is fine when you can return to a warm dry meth lab ๐Ÿ˜‚

Also in other news, I have a trail name. It is Olaf. Olaf is the snowman from Frozen who loves all things about Summer, which fits with the fact that thrive in the Sun and hate the cold (locals are saying this is the most rain May has seen in So Cal in 30 years) yet I also love ice cream. So Olaf it is.

A photo a friend took of me showing my dislike for the cold. Iโ€™m wearing a thermal, puffy, rain jacket and gloves inside!

Today I am thankful that I am not camping in the rain.

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