PCT Day 36

Mile 540 camp to Willow Springs Rd (Tehachapi) – 18 Miles (29km) – 558 miles total

I woke up in the morning to a pink sky and the sun slowing peaking over the mountain. This was the first morning in a long time that I woke up to blue skies. I took my time getting ready and as I packed up my tent I walked it 20 m up the hill to catch the sunlight and dry it off before packing it up.

The first morning in over 2 weeks where I have been happy to get out of my sleeping bag because it hasn’t been freezing

The trail for the morning climbed over 2000ft but it wasn’t too bad and the reward at the top was a lovely water cache with chairs and umbrellas. I stopped at this cache and enjoyed the sun for quite a while. As I was packing up to leave a coyote started to come in to the area, but when it saw us, it thought better of it and sulked off into the bushes. So glad it wasn’t a mountain lion.

Water cache and rest spot

After that it was downhill for most of the rest of the day to the road, through another wind farm. I was lucky to get a lift into town from Watercolor’s boyfriend who had come to the trail head. I was so excited to be in town to sleep in a bed, have a hot shower, wash my hair and do laundry. Being Momorial Day Weekend most of the hotels in town were booked. So I ended up at a motel slightly out of town, which kind of looks like it could have a meth lab running out of it, but hey it is warm and dry so I’ll take it. 😉

Today I am thankful for sunshine.

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