PCT Day 35

Wee Ville (Hiker Town) to Mile 540 camp – 23 miles (37km) – 540 Miles total

Today was both a lovely and challenging day. On the lovely side of things. It was great to sleep at the Wee Ville Market. Despite being near the road I wasn’t disturbed by the noise. It was sheltered from the wind and it wasn’t cold overnight. So I got a great night sleep. Being at the Market meant that I got pancakes for breakfast. The lovely lady who runs the store also gave us freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. We then got a ride back to the trailhead near hiker town.

Chocolate chip cookies at Wee Vill

The trail for most of the day was following the aqueduct that is one of the major sources of water to LA from the Sierras. It is known to be a long, flat, boring walk and parts of it were. However, mostly I managed to keep myself entertained chatting to others, listening/singing to music and listening to podcasts. Yet monotony did set in. Especially after lunch. I felt like just wanted to lie down and have a sleep. Yet I didn’t I kept walking. Despite this there were some great things about the day. It was great seeing more Joshua Trees. Later in the day the trail goes through a wind farm and it was great to see the turbines up close.

Walking the aqueduct
Walking the aqueduct

Walking through the Wind Farm

Tonight I am camped in a spot marked for two tents, however, there are about 7 tents here. I am camped in a drainage, so here is hoping for no heavy rains overnight.

Today I am thankful for chats, music and podcasts to help pass the time.

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