PCT Day 34

Sawmill Campsite to Wee VIlle (HIker Town) – 19 miles (31 km) – 517 Miles

Well the good news is that there were no bears last night. The bad news is that is was so windy and then the rain came in. At points during the night, my tent literally bent over in the wind and was laying on me.

The morning was super cold and all socked in with cloud. I started hiking with my puffy and rain jacket on. I never usually hike in my puffy as I don’t want it to get wet, but it was needed.

The first stop for the morning was the 500 miles marker, unfortunately it was too cold for the usual shenanigans I do at significant mile markers so a selfie was it. As I continued to hike it was raining/snowing. It was so cold that the rain was almost turning to snow. I was going to say it was snow as that made me happy to think I was in a magical winter wonderland and not just freezing my butt off.

‘If I could walk 500 miles…’ Also don’t be fooled it started ‘snowing’ soon after this photo

The trail continued to climb and then descend. It wasn’t until the trail descended that the day became half warm or just not freezing cold.

What it was like for the first half of the day until I descended off the mountain

At 13 miles I stopped for the first time to dry out everything and make lunch. The final push to the highway and hiker town was long, mostly because I could see where I needed to go, but the trail meandered all over the place adding a gazillion miles (I do not exaggerate!)

Finally, I arrived at hiker town and then got a lift to Wee Ville a tiny cafe and Market further along the road that offers free camping, showers and the big plus food from the cafe.

As I write this tonight, I’m listening to other hikers outside talking about bear and mountain lion encounters they have had! No Bueno! So not impressed by that. I’m going to continue to ignore the fact that I have probably had a mountain lion see/stalk me.

Tonight I am thankful for cafes that offer a warm place to sit and eat and camping.

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