PCT Day 33

Casa de Luna to Sawmill Campsite – 20 miles (32km) – 498 miles total

The weather report that I looked at last night said that it was meant to be cool but no rain for the next two days. However, I woke up to light rain. I was not impressed. However, there were pancakes for breakfast and a cup of tea which was amazing.

Loner was giving lifts to the trail head. I was happy to wait around to see if the rain would stop so I was one of the last car loads to get a lift to the trail head. Because it was cold, I didn’t want to stop and powered through 9 miles before stopping at a spring to get some water. It was also overcast and gloomy until mid afternoon when some sun finally shone through, so I hardly took any photos.

The hour or so mid afternoon when the sun finally shone through

The rain held off for most of the day, but it is not fun hiking in cool weather. Birdbox (who also feels the cold) and I commiserated with each other at camp. There is a full week ahead of low temperatures, heres hoping it wont be too miserable for those of us who acutely feel the cold.

In other fun news the campsite we are at is known to have bear activity. So we have hung our food bags tonight. However, I question since the hang is only slightly taller than me. I feel like an average size bear could get to it. I also split a cup of chai in my tent, so I feel like I am taking one for the team and if a bear does come, it is going to come for me first. In anticipation of this I have my hiking sticks and some rocks at the ready to throw. I’ll let you know tomorrow if there is any bear activity. Heres hoping there isn’t.

Today I am thankful for pancakes.

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