PCT Day 32

Bouquet Canyon Rd to Casa De Luna (Green Valley) – 13 miles (20 km) – 378 miles total

Being right next to the road meant that I woke up around 5-5.30pm as the traffic started to pick up. The tent site was also situated in a valley that faced vaguely east/west, so the morning sun made it into the valley. This made it slightly easier to get up as it wasn’t as cold as it could have been without the sun. Having said that it was still a coldish day and I hiked with my jacket on for the majority of the day.

Being awake, I slowly got ready and put my tent in the sun to try and dry it out from the rain and condensation before starting to hike. I managed to get it mostly dry and was ready to hike out by just after 7am. With another short day planned I was in no rush and took my time to enjoy the day.

Dancing to get our bandanas at Casa de Luna
Second banner for 2019, the first one filled up with names. This was only day 2 for this banner

I planned to stop today at Casa de Luna 13 miles away. I could have gone further but Casa de Luna is known as a must stop along the trail. It is another trail angels home, who allows camping in their back yard, feed hikers taco salad for dinner, pancakes for breakfast and give out the bandanas for that year.

The trail was again full of ups and downs which with a bag that has way too much food in it, was not fun, but the miles did go quickly and before I knew it I was in Green Valley. I spent the rest of the day relaxing at Casa de Luna. Got spanked by Terrie for putting my plate over the pots (the only rule at Casa de Luna) and danced for my bandana.

Today I am thankful for Casa de Luna.

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