PCT Day 31

Agua Dulce to Bouquet Canyon Rd – 11 miles (17km) – 465 miles total

It rained over night and remained lightly raining in the morning so I was in no hurry to go anywhere. That and I was in town on a Sunday so I decided to make the most of that opportunity and go to the local church. There was also a lunch for hikers in town put on by the local womens association which we were told we had to stay for. So those two things combined meant that I wasn’t going to start hiking until later in the day.

Our ride to the hiker lunch
Hiker lunch at the womens club

When I did finally start hiking it was overcast and I could see clouds lying over the mountain that we were heading for. Slowly as we hiked up it became colder and colder and foggier, so I had my sights set on getting down the other side to where it would hopefully be warmer.

Hiking into the clouds

There were campsites near a road junction 11 miles from Agua Dulce. As I arrived at the road, I discovered that all of us that hiked out after lunch had the same idea and a camp spot that is described as having room for 4-5 tents has about 12 of us packed in here like sardines. It is amazing how many tents you can fit in when you try.

Today I am thankful for amazing lunches put on by people who want to support the trail and hikers.

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