PCT Day 30

Mattox Canyon Creek to Agua Dulce (Hiker Haven) – 14 miles (22km) – 454 miles total

Today was another shortish day into Agua Dulce and with the cooler weather I was happy to take my sweet time getting ready in the morning to wait for it to warm up a little bit. By the time that I was ready to pack up my tent, the sun was starting to come over the mountain and into the valley, so I took off my fly and put it over a bush further up where the sun was hitting and waited for it to dry out from the condensation over night before packing it up and hiking out. It was about 8am that I started hiking.

The trail was full of ups and downs for the day. It was 4 miles to the highway which leads to Acton, out of town near where the trail crosses the highway was a KOA (campground of America). I wasn’t going to stop, because I didn’t need to stay there but then I saw that they have a small convinience store at the campground and sold ice creams. So I was sold. I hiked the 0.3 miles to the campground and enjoyed an ice cream. I fueled me for the climb up and over to the next highway which lead to the town of Agua Dulce, which the trial actually goes through. The highlight for todays hike is walking past Vasquez Rocks which are famous for being the filming location for movies such as Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Blazing Saddles, Macgyver and many others. As we were hiking to Vasquez Rocks, two guys stopped us to chat and offer us bananas. One was very excited that I was from Australia.

Vasquez Rocks
The most famous rock at Vasquez, that is often used in films

People along this trail love thru hikers and want to help them in anyway they can. They think we are amazing for walking the length of a country and we think they are amazing for helping people who voluntarily decide to hike ridiculous distances.

Once in town, we got a lift to the trail angels house who hosts hikers and gives them a place to stay. Hiker Haven is amazing. It has everything a hiker could need. A place to camp, showers, charging ports, a warm lounge, a little kitchen, loner clothes to wear while doing laundry and more.

Once warm and clean, I went with a few other hikers back into town and got Mexican and a mango margarita which was great.

Mango Margarita and Mexican

Today I am thankful for Mexican.

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