PCT Day 29

Mile 420 to Mattox Canyon Creek – 20 Miles (32km) – 440 Miles total

When I woke up this morning there was low lying cloud around the mountain, but I could see the town down in the valley below with sun shining over it. So I got back into my tent and slowly started to make breakfast and pack up. However, by the time I opened my tent back up to get out and pack up the the tent all around me was completely socked in with cloud.

Morning sun trying to peak through the clouds

The morning continued to be cold and I hiked most of the day in my jacket. The trail for the morning went down before taking us back up above 6500 ft and then dropping down to 3000ft in the afternoon which I was excited about. My hope was that the more elevation we lost the warmer it would be. This was correct but it is still not warm enough for me. Most of this coming week is at lower elevation but the weather is remaking cool all week, with showers on some days. This is meant to be the desert! I’m longing for the hot days again so that I am not cold in my bones.

It may look sunny but it wasn’t warm

We’ve also worked out that my trail name needs to be something around liking the warmth/sun, the positive spin instead of focusing on the cold as none of them seemed right. There have been a few suggestions but I’m still waiting for the right one to pop.

The highlight of the day was North Fork Ranger Station at the 16 mile mark. Ron who volunteers there sells soda and chips for a dollar each and offers a free hot dog. We stopped for a while and chatted to Ron while we ate and drank. It was then another 4 miles to the camping spot or the night which was described on Guthook as having a babbling brook and being aesthetically amazing. As I write this I am listening to the babbling brook and the light of my head torch does give it a certain red aesthetic! 🙂

Today I am thankful that the sun finally came out in the afternoon and warmed me up.

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