PCT Day 28

Sulfur Spring Trail Camp to Mile 420 – 14 miles (22km) – 420 miles total

I woke up at about 6am to the sound of rain on my tent. The last weather report I had heard was that it was going to rain until about 11am so I enjoyed the morning from the comfort of my tent. Watching some movies on my phone, eating breakfast, stitching up my gaiters and taking my sweet time getting ready. At around 11.30am the sun had come out and I deemed it reasonable to emerge from my tent. Everyone else but Barista had left. I managed to get my tent dry before packing it up and then started hiking just after 12pm.

You can’t tell but it was raining in this photo and I wasn’t moving from my tent even to talk to people!

I spent most of the hike up the hill chatting to Barista which helped pass the time. Our plan for the day was to make it the 12 miles to Mill Creek Fire Station, where we had heard that if you call when back on trail with service, you can get pizza delivered to the car park. So as we made our way back down the other side of the mountain. We stopped and ordered pizza for an hours time at 4.30pm with 4.3 miles to go. With the promise of pizza at the bottom that is the fastest I have ever hiked 4 miles doing it in just over an hour. Usually, I am a 3 mile an hour hiker.

The sun came out in the afternoon

We arrived at the car park about 3 minutes after the pizza delivery guy and it was the most amazing pizza. However, it was so cold in the car park, that I resorted to standing in the undercover area of the pit toilet to warm up. I had decided that I wanted to hike a few more miles due to not starting until after lunch, but by the time I had hiked 200m it started to rain. I was torn, did I continue to hike in the rain or return to the car park and set up camp there? I decided either way it was now raining so I continued on. I really do love my umbrella. The plan was to only make it another 2.4 miles and then set up camp and get out of the rain, which I wasn’t looking forward to doing in the rain. However, thankfully there was a break in the rain as I arrived at the tent sites and I managed to get my tent set up just before it started raining again.

Tonight is going to be cold. As I type this I can see my breath.

Today I am thankful for pizza delivery.

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