PCT Day 27

Little Jimmy’s Campsite to Sulfur Springs Trail Camp – 23 miles (37km) – 406 Miles total

It wasn’t too bad overnight. Admittedly, I wore all my clothes to bed including my rain jacket, but hey whatever it takes to stay warm. ๐Ÿ™‚ Because there was bear boxes this threw out my morning routine. Usually, I put water on to boil in the vestibule of my tent while I pack up in my tent. But because all of my food was over in the bear box, this means I would have had to get out in the cold to get my food and then back into my tent. So I changed up my routine. I packed up as much as I could, then went and had breakfast at a picnic table. Then I did the final pack up of my tent, because of this it was close to 8am before I started hiking this morning.

The trail for today, has a closed section because of endangered frogs. The alternative is to road walk the section. I discovered by looking at the map that the road paralleled the trail for much of the morning but was shorter because it doesn’t zig zag all over the place or switch back up and down mountains. So I decided to hike the road for 10 miles instead and it was lovely. Part of the road was closed due to landslides, so there was little traffic on the road and I found a few friends who had the same idea as me and we ambled along the road together, taking our merry time, chatting and enjoying the scenery. By the time we got back on trail we had walk 10 miles but had done 13 PCT miles. I was excited to have made the day a bit shorter.

Abbey Rd in a tunnel

As the day progressed we heard that weather was meant to come in overnight. So there was two options. Do only 6 miles more down to the first valley or make it 18 miles down the valley then up and over the next mountain to the next valley, but it wasn’t recommended to try and camp anywhere in between at elevation. One group decided to press on and night hike to make it over the mountain with the knowledge that they could camp near a road head that pizza could be delivered to. I thought about doing this but by the time I got down into the first valley at 4pm, I didn’t feel like walking another 12 miles. I figured if weather came in I had books on my phone to read and movies download and I would call it a tent day to wait out the rain, so that is exactly what I did.

Made it 400 miles

At camp, I had a lovely early dinner, played a game of pigs with people at camp (the pigs are like dice, it’s weird but fun!) and now I am in my tent with plenty of time to read, write and watch something on my phone.

Today I am thankful for road walks.

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