PCT Day 26

Inspiration Point to Little Jimmy Campsite – 14 miles (22km) -383 miles total

The plan for today was to leave the air bnb at a reasonable time, get breakfast in town and then get a hitch to inspiration point to start hiking. We planned for a shorter day as the track included the summit of Baden Powell at 9406ft (2800m) which still has snow on it.

The plan went according to plan. By 9.30am we had left the air bnb, had breakfast in town and were on our way to the hardware store to ask about getting a lift to the trail head, when a guy pulled over and offered us a lift. He was on his way out to the trail head to take his dog Buddy for a walk. Part way along the trail we ran into them again and I being the dog lover I am got a photo with Buddy.


The track then soon crossed over the highway and then the climbing up Baden Powell started. It wasn’t too bad, mostly because I was kept entertained by talking the whole way up. Once the snow started in more then just patches I stopped and put my microspikes on, because I make good life choices. However, this didn’t stop the snow from giving way from under me and causing me to slide onto my side/butt. Silver, who I was with at the time of course documented the occasion, then proceeded to give bad advice causing me to slide further down the hill towards bushes, all the while continuing to document the occasion! So now I have to say that I’ve fallen twice on the PCT, although that number is still much better than my TA number.

Falling in the snow

We made it to the top of Baden Powell where we danced and did a photo shoot. I still need to learn to close my mouth when doing jump shots. I think Baden Powell is my high mountain yet. I think Mont Cinto in Corsica was 2700m, so this one is now the highest I have been.

Top of Mt Baden Powell

It was then about 6 miles to the campsite. We took the ridge down as it was mostly snow free.

Little Jimmy campsite is lovely and with bear boxes which we are using tonight. As I write this in my tent it is cold. I’ll let you know tomorrow just how cold.

Today I am thankful for summiting mountains.

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