PCT Day 24

Mile 358 to Hwy 2, inspiration point Wrightwood – 11 miles (17km) – 369 miles total

Being at elevation means that the days are not hot and therefore I don’t need to start early to beat the heat. So I had a leisurely morning and didn’t start getting ready until close to 6am. It wasn’t too cold overnight, but we had camped in an area that got lots of condensation. So I took even more time getting ready, by drying my tent in the sunlight so that I wouldn’t have to carry the weight of a wet soggy tent and with only 11 miles into town there was no rush.

Foggy morning valley

I made it the 3 miles to the next camping spot and found some friends cowboy camping. They said it had been cold up there but there was a beautiful sunrise. They were taking the steep trail down into town in 2 miles. I continued on the extra 8 miles to the highway to avoid the steep climb back up.

Once at the highway I got a hitch back to town from an older man called Russ, who was slightly erratic in his driving, just like a previous hitch into Julian with old man Chuck.

In town I found my friends at the bar watching a NBA game on the TV. Another American cultural experience I can now say I’ve had. I ordered a cider and a pizza and got asked for ID. At least they think I’m 20 here unlike 17 in NZ!

Air bnb craziness. Bear everything! Set for a good day off

I was then convinced to stay in Wrightwood for the next day and we all got an air bnb to share. It wasn’t hard to convince me, with the sierras only 3 weeks away and still under lots of snow. They need time to melt. So the plan is to get all my chores done tomorrow morning. Then spend the rest of the day horizontal watching trashy TV.

Today I am thankful for air bnb.

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