PCT Day 23

Cajon Pass to Mile 358 – 17 miles (27km) – 358 miles total

From Cajon Pass to Wrightwood there is 2000m of ascent. I originally thought that I might be able to make it to Wrightwood in one day, but when I saw the elevation gain. I knew I would be pushing it, so instead I opted for a slightly more relaxed day.

The hotel offered a continental breakfast and it was the most amazing breakfast I’ve had in a while. Yoghurt and a banana. A cup of tea, plus the most amazing raisin bagel, I’ve ever had. I was in heaven. It was 8.30am by the time I finally hiked out of Cajon Pass and with no natural water between the pass and the summit down to Wrightwood, I had a very heavy bag with water.

The first part of the morning was spent going under interstates and railway lines which was fun. Then I arrived at a water cache, which allowed me to top up my water for the continual uphill climb. There was a predicted thunderstorm for mid afternoon and as I sat at the water cache I could see dark clouds in the distance. So with vain hope, I set off up the hill hoping the dark clouds would move in the opposite direction. They didn’t. By mid afternoon I could hear the thunder off in the distance, then the rain drops started. So out came my umbrella, which I sat under all tucked up while the heavy rain fell. Then I used to continue to hike and stay dry for the rest of the afternoon until the sun came back out.

Railway lines

Looking back at the interstate

Do you think that rain is coming for me?

By late afternoon I had 6 miles to go to a campsite at 8000ft, but 3 miles short of that I came across another unmarked campsite and decided to stop for the night 1000ft lower in the hope that I would be slightly warmer at lower elevation.

Today I am thankful for my umbrella.

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