PCT Day 22

Mile 320 to Cajon Pass – 21 miles (33km) 341 miles total

The wind died down in the middle of the night, but then the rain came early in the morning. With no desire to hike in the rain I slept in. However, by about 6.30-7am the rain had mostly stopped, so I had no excuse but to get up and start hiking.

I powered through the mornings hike. With Lake Silverwood coming into view it was a lovely hike around the lake to a picnic area where a hiker from last year – FishTank had set up trail magic. I hung out at the trail magic for about an hour in the morning chatting to other hikers who had stayed the night there and eating lots of food.

Trail magic from these wonderful people

There was meant to be weather coming in and most of the hikers there had organised to get a room at the Best Western at Cajon Pass. I had already been thinking about this, not because of the weather, but because the next campsite after Cajon pass was another 6 miles and I didn’t want to do a 27 mile day. So I organised with another hiker to get a room. Then it was the 13 mile hike to the pass at the interstate crossing and McDonalds.

Lake Silverwood

I had my sight set on that McDonalds and hardly took any breaks, which are for a long 13 miles. But eventually I made it to the McDonalds, where I enjoyed a burger and then stopped at the gas station for a tub of ice cream before heading to the hotel for the night.

Hello Maccas

It was amazing to be in a hotel room for the night and to do laundry and have a shower. I also spent the night using the wifi to update this blog from the comfort of a warm bed.

Today I am thankful a roof to be out of the rain.

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