PCT Day 21

Deep Creek Bridge – 20 miles (32km) – mile 320

Very soon after leaving camp this morning, I crossed the 300 mile mark which means almost 500km. Most of the day was spent walking along the mountain side following Deep Creek below.

My first stop for they day was at the natural hot springs which the trail passes. I had also heard that locals tend to come to the hot springs to nude bath. Which I can report is true. Unashamed nudity, not just in the hot springs just strutting around on the beach by the river and hot springs as well.

River and hot springs

I stayed at the hot springs for a little bit. I however, remained clothed and just soaked my legs. After leaving the trail continued to follow Deep Creek sidling above it on the mountain side. By just after 2pm I had made it to the final crossing of Deep Creek for the day and stopped to have lunch.

Rainbow bridge over deep creek

There was reportedly weather coming in by lunch time, but it hadn’t come yet. Although as I sat to have lunch the wind did pick up a little bit. After lunch the trail left Deep Creek and started sidling along some other mountains. This is where the wind really picked up. Depending on which side of the mountain I was on, I was either getting blown backwards or protected by the wind. I finally made it to the last water source and my campsite for the night, where I attempted to set up camp in the wind. As I write this my tent is flapping in the wind and bending and bowing. So we’ll see how well I sleep tonight and if my tent is still standing in the morning.

Today I am am thankful for easy trail.

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