PCT Day 20

Caribou Creek to Deep Creek Bridge – 23 miles (37km) – mile 298

It was a cold morning, so I wasn’t going anywhere fast. I eventually started hiking around 7am. The trail for most of the day was easy with no great gains or losses of elevation. As I was hiking I ran into a few people I had met earlier on the trail but not seen for a while. It was great to talk and catch up.

Morning views looking back at Big Bear

By 1pm, I had done 16 miles and only had 7 more to go for the day. So I stopped by a creek for a nice extended lunch break. Everyone who I had been hiking around for the day had the same idea to try and make it to a bridge over Deep Creek, where reportedly there was nice camping on a beach by the river.

River beach camping

When we arrived at the river, it was as reported a lovely spot to camp, with plenty of sandy beach to pitch a tent on. I soaked my feet in the river and then enjoyed the company of the other hikers as we ate dinner and sat around for the night.

Today I am thankful for river beach campsites.

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