PCT Day 17

Arrastre Trail Camp to Hwy 18 (Big Bear) – 10 miles (16 km) – 266 miles total

With only 10 miles to walk to make it into Big Bear Lake, I ignore my alarm and got up slightly later. The coldest part of the day is always around 5-6am just as I’m getting up and that doesn’t make getting out of my tent and sleeping bag fun.

It was just after 7 when I started hiking and I had made the highway into Big Bear by 10.30ish.

The one photo I took on the 10 mile walk

A couple arrived just ahead of me, so I was going to let them hitch and then try myself, but just as I sat down by the side of the road a guy who was parked at the trailhead offered us a lift, which I happily took. He comes out to give hikers a lift all the time. People are so giving to PCT hikers.

In Big Bear lake, I checked into the hostel and showered. Then went to catch the bus 2 miles back to the grocery store. As I was sitting waiting for the bus with other hikers, a car pulled over and offered us a lift. It was a hiker who had done the trail in 2015. The communities around the trail are amazing.

It was great going to a big supermarket again, but I’m finding resupply if in this trail more challenging as I find I’m hungry a lot during the day. So, I’m buying a lot of food.

I then sat in Starbucks and used their wifi to call home before catching the bus back to the hostel. I was planning on hiking out tomorrow, but with rain coming in, I’m going to stay for the day and hopefully miss the worst of it. Tomorrow I also hope to work out how to sleep warmer.

Today, I am thankful for the generous out of those who provide lifts to hikers.

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