PCT Day 16

Mission Creek to Arrastre Trail Camp – 24 miles (38km) 288 miles total

This morning started out like the end of yesterday. Trying to find a washed away trail. However, it was only for a few miles and wasn’t as bad as the end of yesterday. It also helps to be doing tough sections when you are fresh.

The trail climbed for most of the morning, but was mostly in the early morning mountain shade which kept things cool. As the trail climbed, it entered burnt forest, which also partly gave shade. By the 8 mile mark, I had come to the last water source for 16 miles. The plan was to fill up with as much water as I could, then push a big day to make it to the camping spot with water.

Half burnt forest and San Bernardino in the distance

Thankfully, at elevation the day wasn’t too hot, so I didn’t go through crazy amounts of water. By 1pm I had made it to an old abandoned cabin and picnic tables, where I stopped for lunch and waited out the heat of the day. I then pushed the final 10 miles to camp. Where a campfire was lit in the fire pit and like moths to a flame we all congregated around the fire.

Abandoned cabins

The night once again got cold. I’ve figured out that mostly my body is warm, but my face isn’t. My head is fine with my hoodies on, but I feel cold because of my breath. Sticking it into my sleeping bag mostly works, but the moisture in my breath isn’t good for the loft of the bag. Putting my buff over my mouth and nose makes me feel like I’m suffocating, so I need to work out a middle ground to keep my face warm.

A trail name was also suggested for me, but I’m working out if I like it or not and will keep you posted.

Today I am thankful for campfires.

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