PCT Day 13

Idyllwild to Fuller Ridge Trail Head Campground – 11 miles (18km) – 190 miles total

I didn’t set my alarm as there was no rush to get out of town, as I wouldn’t have been able to get a hitch to the trail head early in the morning. So it was 7.30am before I had packed up and rolled out of the campsite. I walked back into town and went to the coffee shop to get a chai and muffin before going to hitch to try and get back to the trail head. But as I was in the cafe a girl who I had been in a car with, into town two days ago, said the inn did a shuttle and they might still have room.

Myself and two others went over to the inn and scored a lift back to the trailhead. We ended up hiking most of the day together, which was enjoyable. We had all pushed big miles to get into town before the weather and were now not wanting to do crazy big miles.

Level of snow on the south face of the mountain

Level of snow on the north face of the mountain

I was also thankful for the company as Fuller Ridge was a 3 mile stretch of snow that people were saying was sketchy and I didn’t want to do that alone. It turns out that Fuller Ridge was fine. The micro spikes came out and they helped with grip and it was a big slippery with some exposure, but nothing like the comments of those before us had made it out to be like. The snow however, did slow us down and for such a short day it was still 5.30pm before we rolled into camp.

Microspikes on, ready for Fuller Ridge

The hiking today was wonderful with views of snow capped mountains and valley of desert and wind turbines. We are camped at elevation tonight, but I am hoping that it wont get too cold.

Today I am thankful for safe traverses across snow sections.

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