PCT Day 11 & 12


I woke up in my lovely bed in Idyllwild as the weather started to roll in. By lunch time it was raining and the town was all foggy and I felt justified in pushing to make it into town the night before.

I spent the morning lounging around watching TV. I discovered a fun show called ‘My cat from Hell’ A cat whisperer comes in who looks like a bikie and fixes their devil cat/owners, it was great. I also got laundry done.

It’s good to be warm

At lunch time I went and hung out in town, got the blog and instagram caught up. Then went and did my resupply. I ran into people I knew from trail who had made it down into town that day and they said it was miserable up on the mountain. I was very excited to have missed that.

That night I went to the cinema in Idyllwild and saw Avengers Endgame. I was very happy to be in a town with a cinema to be able to see it. I had thought that I would hike out the following day. The weather report was for a clear but cold day. That sealed the deal for me. I was staying another day. If it was going to be 10C down in town I could only imagine what it would be up on the mountain at elevation.

Cute cinema that only shows one movie at a time

My second day in Idyllwild was again spent watching TV in the morning before I had to check out. Then I spent the rest of the day at a cafe, where I caught up with others who I had hiked with early on and had just made it into town.

Idyllwild town monument

I spent the night at the camp ground. Where it was cold but bearable, again I was glad not to be camped at elevation.

Today I am thankful for movie cinemas.

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