PCT Day 9

Bushcamp to Tunnel Spring Campsite – 24 miles (38km) – 158 miles total.

Today was a tough day. There was a lot of uphill and even though it wasn’t too steep, I was just really tired and lethargic. So I plodded away the morning.

I had decided that I was going to have a decent break at a picnic area that was marked on my map, but it was a descent way away, so it took a while to get there. However, when I arrived it was more than I expected. It was on a corner of a property, set up by a trail angel. They had put everything in. A pit toilet, shower, water tank, picnic tables, a library and every year theme the area. This year it was Walt Whitman. It was so cool.

The most amazing rest stop ever
Walt Whitman and his homies

I stayed there for a while and hung out. But wanted to get the last 7 miles done to the cafe before it got to hot. I made it to the cafe at 2pm and got the salad I had been longing for (fresh food).

Paradise Valley

However, because I am hoping to make it into Idyllwild tomorrow before the weather comes in. I left the cafe at 4pm and hiked another 8 miles, making for a killer day.

Tonight I am camped off trail down out of the wind near a water source, which is amazing, this whole section has been long water carries which are heavy.

Today I am thankful for salads.

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