PCT Day 8

Warner Springs to Bushcamp – 25 miles (40km) – 134 miles total

It was another early start to beat the heat. The day started in meadows and trees along a creek which was lovely and cool in the early morning. Once the creek ended, the trail then climbed gradually upward for the rest of the day and the large tree shade ended.

Early morning light, so pretty

I filled up with water at the last creek crossing as no more natural water is on trail for over 20 miles. However, thankfully at 18 miles from Warner Springs a trail angel has opened up their property and water tank to hikers. Mike’s place was my goal for the day before the heat set in. I almost made it before the heat. I like to stop hiking around 1-4pm as that is the hottest part of the day. However, I didn’t make it to Mikes until just before 2pm.

At Mikes I enjoyed a soft drink and rested in the shade. I would have stayed the night for Pizza however, I have a goal of making it the 60 miles to Idyllwild in 3 days, which requires close to 3 marathon distance days. The reason for this is weather is meant to come in on the 4th day and the trail near Idyllwild is at elevation which means snow and cold. I don’t have snow experience so I want to cross the snow part while the weather is good and hopefully it has continued to melt. I also don’t want to camp at elevation in cold weather, because I really feel the cold. So at 4pm I continued on from Mikes and made it another 8 miles, giving me my longest day yet.

These pink flowers lined the trail all day

Today I am thankful for water tanks.

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