PCT Day 7

Bush camp to Warner Springs – 15miles (24km) – 109 miles total

I had all good intentions of getting up early again today to beat the heat. In theory I was up at 5 but it took forever to get ready this morning so I didn’t start hiking until 6.30am. In part this was because I left my bag outside my tent last night (as I usually do). However, when I went to pack it this morning I discovered about 10-15 little scorpions about an inch long crawling all over and in my pack. So it took about 15 minutes to discover them all in all the nooks and crannies and get rid of them. Or at least I got rid of the ones I could see!

Today was a lovely day. The walk in the early morning continued along the mountain side, crossing the 100 mile mark, before dropping down to a beautiful park area with trees and water. The trail then meandered through beautiful meadows before coming to the infamous eagle rock. It was so exciting to see in real life another thing from the PCT that I have been seeing for years in photos.

Just before eagle rock, there was a stream which I stopped at for a little bit. I also took my top off and soaked it in water. This made hiking in the heat wonderful. However, in 15 minutes it was dry. Thankfully, the trail soon went along a stream and in among tree cover making the hike into Warner Springs nice.

Eagle Rock

Warner Springs is a tiny little community that is incredibly hiker friendly. They have set up their community centre to have everything a hiker needs. Camping, bucket showers, Bucket laundry, a little shop to resupply, charging station. It was brilliant. I washed myself and my clothes and borrowed some clothes from their clothes bin to wear. Denim cut off shorts and a t-shirt with some tropical print. I looked great!

Warner Spring Community Centre, a hiker vortex

In the afternoon, I walked the mile into town to the golf club to get a burger and thus ended another wonderful day on trail.

Today I am thankful for communities who welcome in hikers.

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