PCT Day 6

Scissors Crossing to Bushcamp – 17 miles (27km) 94 miles total

The trail today was mostly up hill. So the plan was to leave early and get most of it done before the heat of the day set in.

The getting up early worked, the starting the trail early wasn’t quite as successful. The RV park was 4 miles from the trail head at scissors crossing so we needed to hitch back. However, it took about an hour of walking along the road before a car stopped for us. So despite getting up at 5am, it was 7am before we started the trail.

Stagecoach RV park

The trial was alive with cacti today and I am enjoying seeing all the different ones.

Some of the cacti 🌵
This one is my favourite

The annoying thing about the day was that as I left scissors crossing, there was a sign on the road saying 20 miles to Warner Springs and the PCT is 32 miles. For most of the day I could see the straight road below and then there was the PCT which followed the mountain curves and switched backed up creating the extra 12 miles.

Road in the valley, pct following mountain curves

By 11am it was hot, so I stopped in the little shade I could find for 2 hours. This is a waterless stretch so the next stop was another 3 miles on from the shade spot to the water cache that generous people had supplied. They had brought in 5 palates of gallon water bottles. Which is lovely, because it would have been a miserable stretch through to the next natural water source.

At the cache I again laid down in the shade with about 20 other hikers who all had the same idea as me. I almost fell asleep in the shade. At 4pm it had cooled down enough so I did another 3 miles to a camping spot for the night to get me a little closer to Warner Springs tomorrow.

Today I am thankful for water caches.

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