PCT Day 5

Sunrise Trailhead to Scissors Crossing – 18 miles (29km) – 77 miles total

It was great to wake up to a water source and pit toilet. The things that become luxuries when you live outdoors! There was also a nice sunrise that I got to view from my tent.

Tent views

The trail for today was both amazing and annoying. There were so many cacti 🌵 out and in bloom, which was really cool to see. But the trail was annoying because I could see in the distance the road we were to end up at but the trail takes the most indirect route. Instead of dropping down into the valley, it skirts the side of the mountains adding so many extra miles to the trip. However, it is called the Pacific Crest, not Pacific Valley Trail for a reason.

Pretty Catus
Skirting the side of mountains

Eventually, in the heat of the day I got down to the road, where we could hitch into the township of Julian. The first car stopped for us. Score. It was an old man called Chuck, who bred Newfoundland dogs and thought I was from Canada! 🤣

In Julian, which is an old gold town. It is now known for its pies and Mom’s Pies gives a free slice to PCT hikers.

Free pie and iced tea 😋
Pizza and cider

Then we went onto the Julian beer co. for Pizza, having also stocked up at the grocery store for the next section.

We then hitched back out of town back to the RV park, which made my day a) because it looked like an old western and b) because I got a shower.

So much fun seeing so many iconic American things

It is meant to be getting hot in the coming days, so my plan is to get up early and hike as much before 11am. Then wait out the heat in any shade available before hiking on. Let see if that works.

Today I am thankful for apple and boysenberry pie 🥧.

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