PCT Day 3

Cibbets Flat Campground to Mt Laguna – 10 Miles (16km) – 42 Miles total

It was cold last night or at least I was. I think it probably only got down to about 4C or 38F but with the wind it felt colder. My bag is rated for -12C so the fact that I was just on the edge of being ok vs being cold, doesn’t bode well for the Sierra.

It also became windy during the night, which I heard but wasn’t bothered by. However, when I woke in the morning I discovered that one of my tent pegs had completely came out of the ground and part of my tent was flapping around in the wind. Yet, I had slept through it.

The trail angels had set up the campfire again and I stood around that getting warm, while waiting for a hot drink before hiking out.

Area I hiked through first thing in the morning, no worries mate! ๐Ÿ˜ณ
View of the campground in the valley from the trail

It was only 10miles into Mt Laguna a little mountain town with basic services. I made the climb up and into town by 11am and settled in at the cafe for brunch. I had originally intended to hike out of town, however it was a cold-ish day and meant to be cool again tonight and there wasn’t any water sources in the second stretch to the next town. So I and another hiker decided to stay in town for the night in the warmth of indoors. Then split the next section into two 18 mile days camping at the last water source at 18 miles, then doing a second 18 miles that has no water sources to the end of the section where there will be water again.

Lovely but cold hike into town

Today I am thankful for mountain towns.

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