PCT – Day 1

Mexican Border to Hauser Creek – 15 miles (24 km)

This morning I was the one getting up at Dawn’s crack to head to the border. After a lovely breakfast at Scout and Frodos we all piled into cars for the hours drive to the border. Where the trail starts.

The car trip was fun, again passing so many iconic American stores, which are fun for me to see as someone from overseas.

When we arrived at the border I of course took the classic jump shot (I really do need to learn not to pull a goofy face thou!) Then we took a group photo. After this there were some people from the PCTA (pacific Crest trail association) there who gave us a short talk on leave no trace. There was a register to sign and then asked if we were leaving on our permit date. They were not policing this. People without permits or different dates were still allowed to hike, but they were gathering it for information to try and make the permit system better.

Goofy face jump shot
Hand in Mexico, now off to Canada

Then we were off walking. Already it was warm at only 8am but this is the desert, so I need to get use to it. Thankfully because it is which snow year. This means that the desert is green and the flowers are out from all the extra snow melt and rain. It really a as beautiful to walk through. It was also fun to pass all the iconic things that I have seen in photos for years as I read blogs about the PCT from other hikers.

Repeat 2650x
Classic PCT shot

My wildlife count for the day is at 3 snakes. I don’t know what sort of snakes they are. They are not rattlers, but I don’t know any other American snakes, so like the Aussie I am I am just going to assume that they are poisonous until I find out otherwise. One of the snakes I almost stepped on as it wouldn’t move. So I took for prodding it with my pole and it still didn’t move. I started to wonder if it was dead, but then I saw its tongue move slightly. Eventually once I had moved its entire back half of its body off the trail, it then decided to slither away. If anyone had been around I am sure I would have got the trail name Steve Irwin but thankfully no one was, so I was saved from that. Crickey!

Does anyone know what sort of snake this is?

By 3pm I had made it to Hauser Creek. It was only another 4 miles to Lake Morena Campground, but I found a lovely spot near a tree to set up camp, so I decided to stay. I could push more miles with relative ease having just come off the TA, but there is no point. If I get to the Sierras too early, I will just need to wait there for snow to melt anyway. So a lovely slow enjoyable desert experience is in my future.

Today I am thankful for something I have been dreaming of for years, becoming reality.

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